Type of wood used:
The frame of the module is composed of slats and boards out of wooden, all screwed and stuck. The slats out of wooden are in fir tree. The side boards and of support for the ways are in poplar. The boards for the road and the walls of the tunnel are out of plywood.

Dimensions and the shape of the module:
Dimensions of the module were selected according to European standards. Dimension 60 by 120 cm makes it possible to easily transport it and to put it in the trunk of a car, without taking account of its weight. The majority of the members of my club working with smaller scales (HO or N), my module will have as only difference a broader board for the installation of the double track (32 cm instead of 12 cm). There will remain well-sure less place for the landscape. The way is posed in height to 17 cm in order to be able to carry out a landscape going down on the two sides of the way.

Construction of the frame:
It is necessary to count 1 to 2 hours for the construction of a module, which includes the control of dimensions, the assembly of the slats and the boards with adhesive and screws according to the established plan, control of the right angles to each angle in order to allow a perfect alignment of the modules.

Each part must have good dimension with the millimetre close in order to facilitating obtaining the right angles. The file is used to eliminate the irregularities from cut and assembly.

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